Security Audits

Interactive Security Training. LLC. follows the NSA- Infosec Assessment Methodology (IAM) process for doing security audits. Our staff is certified in this process. The IAM is a detailed and systematic way of examining cyber vulnerabilities and was developed by experienced NSA and Commercial INFOSEC assessors. NSA is providing the IAM to assist both INFOSEC assessment suppliers and consumers requiring assessments. This market was originally created by the PDD-63 requirement for vulnerability assessments of automated information systems that support the U.S. infrastructure. In addition to assisting the government and private sectors, an important result of supplying baseline standards for INFOSEC assessments is fostering a commitment to improve organizations’ security posture.

Since the IAM is a baseline methodology, the final results of the assessment service are highly dependent on the INFOSEC and analytic skills of the assessors.

The NSA's INFOSEC assessment process, is a high-level, non-intrusive process for identifying and correcting security weaknesses in information systems and networks.

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